Vicious Chihuahua terrorizing Wenatchee children

WENATCHEE, Wash. -- Animal Control officers are on the hunt for a vicious Chihuahua after two young Wenatchee children were attacked over the weekend.

They may be small, but dog experts say the jaws of a Chihuahua are capable of inflicting serious damage. That point was proven on Sunday when a roving Chihuahua bit an 8-year-old boy in the lip, then attacked a 3-year old girl later that night. The boy required five stitches.

"They can bite if they feel threatened," said Sgt. Jody White with Wenatchee Animal Control.

Animal Control officers are still looking for the out-of-control dog, and they say tracking it down won't be easy because the breed is very popular throughout the Wenatchee Valley.

The local Humane Society has ten Chihuahuas up for adoption right now.

Investigators also point out that it will be very difficult to determine exactly what happened on Sunday. There may be only one adult witness, and the officers say the attacks may not have been the dog's fault.

"The dog might just be wanting to play and the child may have overstepped the bounds and tried to grab the dog, hug the dog and kissed the dog or something and most dogs don't like that," White said.

Resident Elaine Miller said she thinks she's seen the troublesome dog walking around her neighborhood before.

"It just runs at large, and they don't do nothing about it," Miller said.

Miller worries the dog could hurt more children and hopes the officers find its owner.

"All they do is have to have it out and a kid walks down the street. Could be another, another problem," she said.

If Animal Control officers can't find the dog and test it for rabies, the kids who were attacked may have to undergo an unpleasant series of shots as a precaution.