Vandals hit 2 Seattle schools days before classes begin

WEST SEATTLE, Wash. -- Vandals left behind a huge mess at two schools in West Seattle just days before the start of classes.

Parents say someone purposely spilled paint on the ground and over a railing at Madison Middle School on Friday night. Vulgar words and images were also spray painted on several doors and outside walls.

Whoever was responsible for the vandalism appears to have also hit Schmitz Park Elementary School down the road.

"No reason for it," said Madison Middle School 7th grader Angus Giaquinta."Why? Like why would you do that? We go to learn here, so putting paint all over it is not like right."

"It leaves a bad impression in all the kids that goes to these schools and there's no way with this short amount of time before school starts that it'll be cleaned up in a thorough effort," said parent Sean Reynolds.

The vandalism at Schmitz Park Elementary happened more than a year after a late night fire destroyed the school's kindergarten playground in June 2014.

Now this.

"I think it's just wrong because this is where people go to get an education so they can succeed in life," said Giaquinta.

"It's a waste. Now the school has to pay money to get rid of it," said Giaquinta's twin brother, Oscar.

It appears neither school has surveillance cameras outside.

Custodians have already covered up some of the vandalism, teachers said.

A group of parents and students have organized a work crew that will meet at Schmitz Park Elementary on Monday morning to try to clean some of the vandalism off. The group is scheduled to meet at 9:30 A.M., organizers said.