Vandals burn flag, spray paint buildings in Gold Bar

GOLD BAR, Wash. -- A recent vandalism spree in Gold Bar left a local park covered in paint and a city flag charred and defaced.

A new flag now hangs at Gold Bar City Hall, but Mayor Joe Beavers wants to know why vandals burned the original flag on Monday night.

"They took the flag, draped it on the display rock, held it down with rocks and then hit it with a Molotov cocktail made out of a beer bottle," Beavers said.

The vandals didn't stop there, either. Armed with black spray paint, they made their mark in a city park and even hit the town's welcome sign.

"They started with the post office, one sign there," said Ray Coleman, who volunteered to help clean the mess.

The elementary school was also targeted, as was a family-run restaurant next to City Hall.

Waitress Denise Thorp is baffled by the gall of the vandals.

"That's just criminal," she said. "To me it's just very sad. Being American, to burn our own American flag right here at City Hall?"

Beavers said it's the people of Gold Bar who will end up paying to replace the welcome sign, which couldn't be cleaned with a power washer.

He also plans to make the new flag more secure, just in case these or other vandals come back for round two.

Beavers said it would have been one thing to burn their own flag in protest, but to destroy the city's flag is unacceptable.

"That is their First Amendment right, but to go up and tear the flag down from a city pole and toss it on here and burn it and damage it is, I don't have family friendly words for that," he said.

Beavers said City Hall has a security camera system, but nobody knows how to install it.