Vandal damages Eatonville football field

EATONVILLE, Wash. -- The pride of Eatonville is torn up and muddy, and police say it's more than just a prank.

Police say the four-inch deep tracks and donuts on the high school football field showed up early Sunday morning. They released surveillance video that shows a white pickup truck pulling onto the field and doing donuts

"For someone to come do donuts on it and ruin the whole thing---I mean, why?" said sophomore Andrew Ballard.

Police say it's an estimated 60 yards of damage and the school isn't sure how much it will cost to fix.

"That's money that could go to the teachers or to other things and they have to use that to fix the field," said Police Chief Jason McGuire.

Teams are still playing on the field, but there are some concerns about safety if the rain and mud gets worse.

McGuire said the damage is considered malicious mischief and, depending on the amount of repairs, could be anything from a gross misdemeanor to a felony.