Vandal damages $25,000 worth of trees at Edmonds Park

EDMONDS, Wash. -- Edmonds Police are looking for the vandal who has damaged up to five dozen trees in Hutt Park, causing $25,000 in damages.

The damage was first discovered a few days ago, and now the City of Edmonds Parks Department says more trees have been vandalized. Hutt Park is located at 92nd Ave and 187th Street SW in the Seaview community of Edmonds.

"It's special to me, and for someone to come here and violate it - it's very upsetting," said Laura Martin, who discovered the vandalism at the park she's been visiting since she was a child.

Hutt Park is home to numerous varieties of trees, including cedar, fir, madrona, alder and maple. But only two type of trees have been targeted so far.

"It's only deciduous trees - mainly alder and maple that have been damaged," said Martin.

The director of the Edmonds Parks Department, Carrie Hite, believes these type of trees are being targeted because their bark is soft.

Nearly 60 trees have been damaged with what officials believe is machete.

"It makes me sick and angry and I just want the person responsible to be held accountable," said Martin, who is now raising money for a reward on the website GoFundMe. She hopes reward money will help lead police to the person responsible.

Officers are now patrolling the park in hopes of nabbing the person who is responsible for damaging the trees.

"We would like the community to keep their eyes and ears open," said Hite. "We have no leads at this point and we don't know if the cutting has stopped."

An arborist will be evaluating the park on September 9th to see of any of the damaged trees can be saved.