Vancouver, Wash. neighbors fear for their pets' lives after mutilated cats found

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Neighbors in Vancouver believe something or someone is leaving mutilated cats in the street and on their lawns.

It's the third straight year they've found dead cats in their neighborhood. They don't believe it's the work of an animal.

Seven-year-old Emerson said she was waiting for a school bus with some other kids Thursday morning, when they saw a disturbing sight.

"While we were waiting, we just saw the body parts," Emerson said.

The legs and tail belonged to a neighborhood cat named Princess.

"Which is really sad to think about that people would actually want to do that," said 9-year-old Bella.

"She's my favorite and we could do stuff together," said Emerson.

Kiersten, 15, said she found a dismembered leg from a Siamese cat in the neighborhood last week. Other neighbors found two mutilated cats last year, she said.

Vancouver police are encouraging anyone who finds a mutilated animal to report it.

"It's just kind of disturbing and frustrating," said Kiersten.

She worries that her cat could be the next one to die. She and other neighbors are trying to keep their cats off the streets.

"They're not really making anyone happy besides themselves," said Bella. "I think if they stopped it, it would make them more happier because everyone else would be a lot happier."