Vancouver pranksters in real trouble after fake ax attack

VANCOUVER, Wash. - We're all for getting into the Halloween spirit, but you have to know when you've gone too far.

In the eyes of the Vancouver police, two men crossed the line when they pretended to attack strangers with a realistic-looking fake ax.

Police say a couple at a gas station on Wednesday reported seeing a man in full motorcycle gear attacking a person with an ax. They said the ax-wielding man then charged at them before running off.

Somebody also reported a similar incident the night before, according to Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp.

Kapp said in each case the attacker charged at the victims but didn't actually hit anyone with the ax. Nonetheless, you can imagine how terrified the victims must have been.

Police officers managed to track down the ax-wielding man and a friend, who said they were pulling pranks on people and videotaping it, according to Kapp.

The ax was actually a fake, albeit a realistic-looking one.

The officers did not find the humor in their prank and arrested 18-year-olds Pavel Krivov and Petru Tomcac of Vancouver. Both face assault charges and were taken to jail.