Vancouver police shoot, kill armed 16-year-old suspect

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) - Police officers investigating a series of armed robberies and a home invasion shooting in Vancouver fatally shot a 16-year-old armed suspect, authorities said Saturday.

The teen was the primary suspect in the crime spree that occurred Friday, police said in a press statement.

Officers located Douglas E. Combs and another teen Friday night and the encounter led to an officer opening fire, killing Combs, police said.

"During attempted contact with two armed individuals, the circumstances of that contact resulted in a Vancouver police officer shooting one of the individuals, who died at the scene," the statement said.

The other teen, who is also 16, was arrested on firearms charges.

Police said Combs was the prime suspect in a home invasion shooting and convenience store robbery early Friday morning and the armed robbery of a gas station store Friday night.

Vancouver police aren't releasing the name of the officer, who has been put on paid administrative leave, per protocol.