UW softball team takes cover as tornadoes approach OKC

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Instead of getting prepared for their evening game against Tennessee Friday evening, the University of Washington softball team had to spend hours hunkered down in a shelter after tornadoes threatened Oklahoma City, site of the Women's College Softball World Series.

"The sirens went off in the hotel and everyone was told to get into the basement," said team spokeswoman Alyssa Olveda. "We came down here with the other teams... they since moved us to the parking garage below the convention center because they thought it would be safer and bigger."

She said the weather didn't look that bad when they were heading into the basement.

"We saw a couple lightning bolts and it started to get a little dark," Olveda said. "We're not really sure what's transpired since we came down there."

But the team weathered the storm just fine and they were allowed to leave the parking garage just before 9 p.m. CDT.

"All clear, still stormy but we're all above ground with power, safe and crushing some dinner," according to a Tweet from @UWSoftball.

Their game against Tennessee was postponed until Saturday.

The violent storms did form over the prairie west of Oklahoma City late Friday afternoon, and it dropped a tornado in a suburb and rolled into the state capital.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said a mother and child were killed and a number of motorists were injured as the storm moved through I-40. Numerous vehicles were damaged, leaving motorists stranded on the sides of roads, Trooper Betsy Randolph said.