UW football player pleads guilty to Super Bowl assault

SEATTLE -- A suspended University of Washington football player accused of assaulting two people during a Super Bowl celebration says he has learned from his mistakes.

Damore'ea Stringfellow pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of assault and a single count of malicious mischief.

In his brief remarks inside the courtroom, Stringfellow expressed remorse for his actions.

"I've learned from my mistakes," he said. "I'm channeling my energy. (I have) counselors, two different people once a week."

Police say the wide receiver knocked a woman unconscious and got into a fight with a man during a Super Bowl victor party in the University District.

In court, Stringfellow's attorney said drugs and alcohol did not play a role in the crimes. He said his client was sticking up for his teammate, quarterback Cyler Miles, who's a Broncos fan.

Prosecutors said they didn't have enough evidence to charge Miles with a crime, but both players were suspended from the team after the assaults.

Stringfellow is now hoping for a second chance.

"He's an athlete with incredible potential," his lawyer said. "We want to get this behind him. We want to get him back on the team if coach will allow him back on the team."

Judge Anne Harper told Stringfellow she was surprised by what she saw in the police report.

"You have a lot of potential and you just walked out there and didn't think about what you were doing and you squandered it. You went from being an asset to a potential liability," she said.

Stringfellow will have to pay a fine, do five days on a work crew and complete an anger management course.