UW football player charged in post-Super Bowl assaults

SEATTLE -- University of Washington football player Damore'ea Stringfellow was charged with assault Thursday in connection with two fights following the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl victory in February.

As reported previously this week, no charges will be brought against fellow UW player Cyler Miles, who was also implicated in the incidents, due to insufficient evidence.

According to charging documents filed with King County Superior Court, UW student Kelsea Clark had not been feeling well and had a mild fever Feb. 2 but decided to grab a camera and take photos of the post-Super Bowl celebrations on Greek Row anyway.

While she was taking photos, Stringfellow, 19, and Miles entered a crowd near some couches and mattresses that had been lit on fire. Miles was wearing a Broncos beanie, and Stringfellow was reportedly shoving a Broncos hat in the faces of Seahawks fans.

According to the charging documents, a fight broke out between Stringfellow and a man who had grabbed his hat away, but they were separated quickly.

Clark had inadvertently taken a number of photos of the fight's aftermath. When Stringfellow noticed her camera, he tried to take it away from her, according to the charging documents. During the struggle for the camera, Stringfellow reportedly hit Clark in the head, and she fainted, whether from the blow or because she was ill or both.

According to the charging documents, Stringfellow threw the camera's broken lens, and he and Miles left the scene.

Less than an hour later, Kent Schmuland was walking his girlfriend home when Stringfellow and Miles got out of a parked car and asked if they were Seahawks fans. Upon finding out Stringfellow and Miles were Broncos fans, Schmuland said, "Tough night to be a Broncos fan."

According to the charging documents, Stringfellow blocked Schmuland's path, and Schmuland raised his arms up near his chest. Stringfellow, later saying he felt threatened, reportedly pushed Schmuland into a hedge.

When Schmuland pushed Stringfellow back, Stringfellow punched him multiple times, landing at least one blow to Schmuland's face, according to the charging documents.

Schmuland tried to run away, but Stringfellow and Miles chased after him, with Stringfellow reportedly continuing to punch him once they caught up.

Stringfellow and Miles left the scene when a woman in the parked car yelled for them to get out of there, according to the charging documents.

Neither Schmuland nor his girlfriend were sure if Miles ever actually hit Schmuland, though he was reportedly acting aggressive and backing up Stringfellow.

Both Miles, who was expected to start for UW at quarterback this year, and Stringfellow were suspended indefinitely for violating team rules following the incident. Neither has been reinstated to the team as of yet.

Stringfellow has been charged with two counts of assault, as well as with malicious mischief in connection with the broken camera, and is scheduled for arraignment April 16.