UW cherry blossoms expected to be in full bloom next week

The University of Washington cherry blossoms are close to 100% bloomed so early in the season. The famous Quad cherry blossoms are expected to be in bloom for most of March so plan your visit soon! (Joshua Lewis / Seattle Refined)

SEATTLE - Cherry blossoms on the University of Washington's campus are expected to be in full bloom the week of March 26, UW arborist Sara Shores says.

The iconic blossoms typically begin peeking out in late February, though blooming time often varies from year-to-year.

The process depends mostly on the amount of daylight and the consistency of temperatures.

This year, cold temperature caused the blooming process to occur later in the year.

The annual bloom is expected to draw big crowds.

The Quad cherry trees were moved from a location near the Montlake Bridge and planted on campus in 1962, the University of Washington says. The trees are now more than 80 years old.