Upset about not getting tickets, 49ers fan sues Seahawks

SEATTLE -- The Super Bowl champions have a new opponent. Football fan John E. Williams is still peeved at the ticket policy for last January's NFC championship game between Seattle and San Francisco, and now he's suing.

The Nevada man and avid 49ers fan says he wanted to buy tickets for that game but they weren't sold to his region, so he's filed a $50 million lawsuit against the Seahawks, the NFL, CenturyLink, and Ticketmaster.

"The bottom line of this thing is first come first serve," Williams told a crowd of reporters at a news conference he arranged. "Tickets go on sale if it's a national event regardless if its baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, a concert. If it's a public event at a public arena it should be on a first come first serve, not who you want at the game."

The Hawks upset a lot of 49ers fans when they geographically limited ticket sales to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, BC, and Alberta.

Williams filed a federal complaint this month accusing the Seahawks, The NFL, CenturyLink's operators, and TicketMaster of economic discrimination and fraud for unconstitutional selective sales to events held in public stadiums.

It's tough to find sympathetic ears in Seattle. One female fan called Williams a "sore loser," and sports fan Mac McCarty said, "He certainly could have bought a ticket, not paid face value but there's no such thing as a sell out. So if you want to go to the game you go to the game. Sorry they weren't available in Nevada but you take care of the people that are paying the bills."

The Seahawks have yet to comment on the suit. And for now the 12th man has a new rival when it comes to making noise. Williams appears to have filed his suit on his own, without an attorney.