UPS driver caught on camera kicking, throwing packages

SEATTLE -- Scott Badgley was waiting outside his apartment for a mattress delivery in South Lake Union Friday afternoon when he heard commotion coming from inside a UPS truck.

"I walked over to see if the guy had fallen or hurt himself, and all of a sudden another box comes flying out the door," Badgley said.

He then shot cell phone video of a driver aggressively tossing packages inside the delivery truck and throwing some on the ground outside the Amli 535 apartment complex.

"The boxes were coming out, literally bouncing off of this sign, dropping to the ground and smashing on the curb," Badgley said.

At one point, the video shows the driver kicking one of the boxes.

"It's people's belongings that he's just trashing, crushing," Badgley said.

A fellow UPS driver told KOMO News that "it doesn't look good" and called what the driver was doing a "drop kick."

UPS corporate office responded to KOMO News saying the driver's supervisor has been notified. The company did not request to see the video.

Watch: Cell phone video shows UPS driver mishandling packages