UPDATED! Furloughed? Hungry? Bored? Here's where you can get a discount

Everyone may hate Congress more than the DMV and head lice, but that doesn't mean that furloughed workers don't deserve support. Businesses all over Seattle are coming together for the workers who have been impacted by the government shutdown by offering discounts.

Here are some of the Puget Sound spots where you can stay busy (or just save money) while the government figures out its business:

  • Lost Lake on Capitol Hill is offering a 15% discount on food and drinks for government employees (but not politicians). Just flash a government ID and you'll get a little relief on your bill.
  • The Five Point has joined its Capitol Hill brother in offering the same discount, so now there are two places where furloughed workers can eat 24 hours at a 15% discount.
  • AMC theaters are offering free small popcorn to federal workers impacted by the shutdown, so as long as you can cover the cost of a movie, they'll cover some of the snacks.
  • Hyundai is allowing federal employees to defer car payments until the shutdown is resolved; you can get more information here.
  • And, of course, everyone can get a free tall drip from long as they buy a coffee for someone else.

I'll keep updating this list as I find more. Know of any others? Let's help out our federal employees and share them in comments.