Unexpected package sends 'Ichiro meter' spinning

SEATTLE - A reclusive baseball icon has delivered a local Mariners fan a shocking start to the holiday season.

Amy Franz says Seattle's major league baseball team is always on the top of her mind.

"I cheer for all the players," she says.

She has season Mariners tickets - front row, right field.

But her favorite player was always Ichiro Suzuki.

"The constant presence was Ichiro out there, so that's who I choose, says Amy.

For years, her relationship with Ichiro felt one-sided.

"We saw the back of Ichiro most of the time unless he was running toward the fence to do a super amazing awesome catches," she says.

And of course, Ichiro Suzuki is not known for having a "warm fuzzy" personality.

"When he was on the field, he was at work. That was the persona. He was very serious," says Amy.

Amy's fanatacism for her favorite player peaked in 2004, when Ichiro broke the "hits" record.

"They call me the "Ichimeter" lady," she admits.

Amy's well-known sign counting Ichiro's hits gained her fame throughout the sports world. Despite the space between them, she became emotionally attached.

"He's almost like a family member, because of the relationship I built through the season," she says.

Then, Amy thought it all ended, along with this year's season.

"When he was traded, it was really like a good family member moving away," says Amy. "I was heartbroken."

Ichiro began his new career with the New York Yankees. Life went on - until ...

"Oh my God, I was shaking, almost passing out," says Amy.

When the mail arrived on Tuesday, an unexpected package was there.

"The note is on the top," Amy explains. "I read the first line, 'Dear Amy, thank you for your loyal support during my career in Seattle.' Then I skipped the whole middle. Went down to see who signed it. And it was Ichiro."

Inside the box she found a "very cool" pair of spikes.

But there was even more.

"This is the Ichiro model bat, it does have some use to it," says Amy.

They're all signed by Ichiro - the reclusive superstar.

He's not known to publicly have a warm heart. But Amy Franz knows otherwise.

"On an emotional level - priceless, completely priceless," she says.

The best part about this gift is that Amy knows she made a difference in Ichiro's life - just by sitting in right field ... and having faith.