Uncle of bombing suspects lived in Ferndale for awhile

In a surprising Northwest twist to developments in the Boston Marathon bombings, the uncle of the suspected bombers lived in Ferndale with his wife and kids for a short while.

Ruslan Tsarni, who pleaded outside his Maryland home Friday for his nephew to turn himself in and apologize, lived in quiet and prosperous Ferndale neighborhood almost 10 years ago.

Neighbors say the family kept mostly to themselves but remember Tsarni as being ardently pro-American.

Neighbor Jim Baum said Tsarni was very outspoken on his favorable feelings toward America, and how he was treated.

"I'm very sad for his family because they're good people," Victoria Baum, Jim's wife, said.

Neighbors said Tsarni attended law school at Georgetown and had moved here to get away from other members of his family, but moved back to the East Coast after a short time.

They said he never really talked about the rest of his family and never mentioned the nephews who are now the suspects in the marathon bombing.