Uber driver claims working conditions are unjust

SEATTLE -- Some drivers with the rideshare company Uber are demanding an end to what they call unjust working conditions.

Drivers say their employers aren't very fair, and they're also not very nice.

"The general public who loves Uber does not know all these stories that goes with the driver... in a way I call it abuse," said a driver, who only wants to be identified as Danny over concern of retaliation.

He says work conditions at Uber have become difficult. Danny says the number one issue for drivers is customer complaints and the rating system, especially if the passenger is impaired.

"Usually, the rating system is a great system, but at night at 1 in the morning when people are drunk they don't even know what button they're pressing."

Danny says if you get a couple bad ratings, your job is in jeopardy

"If you're a 4.5 or below, you're out," he said. "And people don't understand that."

Drivers have more concerns including multiple background checks and the way the company chooses to communicate with their staff.

"There's no communicationthey just turn the phone off," Danny said.

And that's how drivers learn if they've been suspended or let go.

In a statement sent from an Uber spokesperson via email to KOMO News, the company responds: "Uber's best-in-class service requires that we deactivate partners who provide poor customer service, pose a risk to rider safety or violate our terms of service and commitment to riders. Although those issues may not concern the taxi industry, we think the public deserves better."

Even so, this driver says they deserve better.

"It just can't continue like this," Danny said.

Some of Uber's drivers are going to gather Sunday to discuss these issues in more detail in hopes of finding a solution with the company