Trooper sells bike, discovers it stolen, returns it to owner

SEATTLE -- Little did a convicted felon know the bicycle in his possession was until recently owned by a Washington State Patrol trooper. He also couldn't have known that same trooper would show up to help him with a flat tire, recognize the bike and ensure it got returned to its rightful owner.

But, that's exactly what happened last week in North Seattle.

According to the Washington State Patrol, on April 25 a trooper stopped to assist a driver blocking a lane of traffic on Northeast 145th Street near the Jackson Park Golf Course while he frantically tried to change a tire on his Honda.

Inside the car, the trooper saw a bicycle with the serial number ground off, a grinder and a handgun, according to the State Patrol.

A second trooper showed up and recognized the bicycle based on scratches on its frame as one he had sold online only weeks earlier. When asked about the bike, the driver of the Honda reportedly said it belonged to him.

The trooper, sure it was his old bike, called the Capitol Hill college student he sold it to. The student told him the bike had been stolen from his house just days after he bought it.

The trooper was able to return the bicycle to its owner, and the driver of the Honda was booked into King County Jail for investigation of being a felon with a firearm.