Tree crashes into Silverdale home, pinning woman to her bed

SILVERDALE, Wash. -- A Silverdale woman is lucky to be alive after a large tree came crashing through her roof and pinned her to her bed Monday afternoon.

Lisa Anderson was taking a nap just hours after returning home from a Hawaiian vacation when heavy winds sent a tree crashing through the roof of her Silverdale duplex.

"You could hear the wind blowing and everything," Anderson said. "And then I just heard what sounded like a freight train and a loud clap of thunder and that's all it took."

Photos from the bedroom show just how close Anderson came to being killed.

Anderson said she was pinned under the tree and had to hold the trunk up so it didn't crush her. Fortunately she fell asleep with the phone in her hand, and called 911.

"I said a tree had just fallen on top of me and I was pinned down and trapped and I couldn't get out," Anderson said.

She escaped the carnage with only minor leg injuries. She was taken to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton and discharged a few hours later.

Monday's incident was the second close call Anderson has faced in recent weeks. She just recently moved into the duplex after her home on Avante Drive was damaged in a fire. Her cat and bird were killed in the fire and she was treated for smoke inhalation.

"I was sleeping then, too," Anderson said. "A friend says there's an angel. I think they're working overtime, though. Hopefully they can keep it up."

Anderson's duplex has been red-tagged, which means people can come and go to get their belongings, but they can't sleep there.