Transgender student files sex discrimination complaint against George Fox University

NEWBERG, Ore. - George Fox University in Newberg says its Christian theology makes it necessary to separate student dorms into all-female or all-male.

The attorney for Jayce, a sophomore at the university, says the transgender student tried to convince university leaders to let him move into the all-male dorms.

The university turned him down, and Thursday decided not to consider an appeal from Jayce.

"Unfortunately," says attorney Paul Southwick, "they were unwilling to listen to him. And so he had to take the next step to protect himself."

Jayce's attorney filed a complaint Friday with the U.S. Department of Education. It alleges the university is violating the Title IX regulations that require equal treatment of sexes at educational institutions that receive federal money.

Some students are glad the university is standing it's ground.

"If we decide to go to George Fox knowing full well like the stance," said freshman Mckenna Miner, "then we should follow those rules, like even if it causes us some like personal pain or issues."

The university released a statement saying in part, "The university has made many efforts to provide support and accommodation for the student and remains committed to his academic, physical and spiritual welfare."

George Fox University says it tried to compromise with Jayce, by offering him on-campus housing in his own apartment. Jayce's attorney says that's not good enough.

Jayce's mom, who lives in Portland, has started an online petition to try to convince the university's leadership that her son should be allowed to live in the all-male dorms.

The petition has more than 1,800 supporters.

Jayce's attorney says the dispute hasn't soured his client as a student at this Christian university.

"In fact," Southwick said, "he's felt closer to God through this entire experience."