Traction troubles plague West Seattle

SEATTLE -- It isn't just a rainy day that causes frustration in West Seattle.

Emily Ashmore lives right in the middle of the steep hill along Genesee and says it's a mess, rain or shine.

"It's impossible to get up there. I have to use the emergency brake trick every time," she said of the extreme incline.

That's the very problem the Seattle Department of Transportation wants to fix.

On Genesee and farther west on Charlestown, SDOT construction crews cannot get enough traction themselves in order to make repairs to help with grip for everybody else.

"Grooves would help, but I don't know what they would do next," Ashmore said.

Repairs are on indefinite hold until a fix can be found internally or with the contractor according to SDOT. Both streets were supposed to be fixed by the end of the week, but so far drivers still have to gun it.

There still isn't a timeline for a solution, but SDOT said the contractor is only getting paid when work is completed.