Toxic algae could ruin holiday weekend plans at Lacey beach park

LACEY, Wash. -- People planning to visit Long Lake Park for the holiday weekend are urged to use caution after city officials warn toxic algae may be present in the water.

An algae bloom was spotted near the park's swimming beach on Wednesday, Aug. 28. City officials say while the bloom has dispersed there are still particles that can be seen floating in the water.

Park visitors are warned to keep children and pets away from areas where algae is visible, not to water ski or operate a boat around any algae, not to drink the water and to make sure to clean fish thoroughly.

Warm temperatures, sunlight and nutrient-rich water can cause algae to rapidly reproduce. Officials say some algae can produce toxins and poisons which can harm people, pets and other animals that come in contact with it.

Any person or pet that shows signs of sickness or poisoning is urged to call the doctor or veterinarian.