'Tough lady': Ore. woman survives 18 hours trapped by truck hood

MOLALLA, Ore. -- In an area of Molalla so remote, where your closest neighbors are miles away, a woman in her 70s did something even the toughest firefighters can't believe.

"I don't know if I could have survived 18 hours with my hand stuck in the hood of a pickup truck," said Lt. Mike Penunuri, with the Molalla Fire Department.

It began at 5 p.m. Wednesday with what was supposed to be a quick trip to charge her truck battery, but a gust of wind turned it into an 18-hour ordeal. The hood slammed down on her arm, trapping the woman.

Pinned to the truck and unable to even sit down, she was exposed to the rain, which eventually turned to snow. It got so cold she even had to jog in place just to stay warm.

She told emergency crews she screamed for help all night long. Her neighbors, out riding through the area on horseback the next day, finally heard her cries.

"She dressed for the occasion. She dressed in several layers, coats vests, heavy clothing. That's honestly probably what saved her life," said Penunuri.

Penunuri was one of the first on scene, he says the woman was smart to bundle up but still couldn't believe how well she was doing.

"She remained calm cool collected and 100 percent with it. Tough lady. Very tough individual," Penunuri said.

Now the department is calling those horseback riding neighbors heroes, grateful they decided to checkup on their elderly neighbor.