Thurston Co.'s official party crashers bust 10 underage drinkers

LACEY, Wash. -- Seeing the success Pierce County had binge arresting a 24-pack of minors in connection with underage drinking last month, Thurston County busted some allegedly intoxicated youths of its own at a party this month.

According to the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office, Thurston County Target Zero sent a Party Intervention Patrol, or PIP, to a house on Carpenter Street in Lacey after receiving calls about excessive noise from multiple neighbors.

Despite many youths getting away before the patrol arrived, officers still arrested 10 intoxicated party goers between the ages of 17 and 20, according to the Prosecutor's Office.

The patrols are part of Thurston County Target Zero's goal to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030 by targeting young drivers and impaired driving at the same time.

The Party Intervention Patrol strategy was developed by the Pierce County DUI and Traffic Safety Task Force and has proved effective, according to the Thurston County Prosecutor's Office.

Under PIP, youths aren't just arrested, they are given a one-on-one session with a trained chemical-dependency professional, who can talk to them about their level of alcohol and drug use and discuss community resources to help them.

Perhaps knowing teens will do most anything, including give up alcohol, to avoid talking to their parents, the chemical-dependency professionals will also facilitate a conversation between parents and their arrested child about making better life choices.