Threat of school shooting leads to arrest in Westport

WESTPORT, Wash. -- A young Westport man is suspected of making violent threats on Facebook involving Ocosta High School.

In an exclusive interview, the suspect's own mother said she's worried about him.

The school nearly went on security lockdown after former student Dylon Campbell allegedly made a threat on Facebook against two other young men -- a current student and a former student. Police say 18-year-old Campbell posted the shooting threat on Thursday.

"He can't just go around threatening people and get away with it," said the suspect's mom, Christine Campbell. "And if he needs to spend some time locked up for it, then that's what needs to happen."

Campbell said her son is under a doctor's care for bipolar disorder and early stage schizophrenia.

"It doesn't surprise me," said Ocosta High School student Micael Bearden. "He's made a lot of posts like this on Facebook. He's threatened people numerous times."

Campbell was arrested Thursday night, well ahead of the start of school, after the two alleged targets in this case went to the police because the threat appears to reference a shooting.

"It would assume to indicate a weapon, yes, obviously. Firearm," said Westport police chief William Gibson. "On the Facebook page he had photographs of weapons."

No weapons were found at his home.

Chrstine Campbell hope her son gets help because she worries about her own safety.

The Grays Harbor County prosecutor isn't filing charges yet and Campbell is being released from jail.

The threat has some students thinking about their safety.

"I wouldn't say I'm afraid. But, I'm on edge," Bearden said.

Police say they'll keep close watch and Campbell while they try to figure out why the threat was made in the first place.