This weekend at Crater Lake: Rim opens to bikes, hikes only

CRATER LAKE, Ore. - A rare opportunity has opened up at Crater Lake for cyclists, hikers and runners.

This weekend - and this weekend only - the lake's East Rim Drive Road will open up just for non-motorized traffic, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the park on foot or on bike without cars to worry about.

"The early snowmelt at Crater Lake gives us a window to create a nationally unique opportunity to walk, run or ride a bike around the lake and, essentially, have it all to yourself," said Crater Lake National Park Superintendent Craig Ackerman.

"I am pleased the National Park Service is taking advantage of the unexpected early snow melt to allow cyclists and pedestrians vehicle-free access to much of the road around Crater Lake," said U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio. "I have encouraged the National Park Service to provide this kind of opportunity at Crater Lake for several years. I applaud their willingness to allow this kind of use this weekend, giving Oregonians a great chance to experience the park in a different way."

The Specifics

East Rim Drive Road will be open to non-motorized vehicles only (except for administrative and emergency vehicles) from North Junction around the East Rim of Crater Lake all the way to the intersection at Crater Lake National Park Headquarters and the Steel Visitors Center.

Highway 62 through the south end of the park, West Rim Drive and the North Entrance Road, will be open to vehicles. Regular parking areas will be open, but generally fill up quickly.