Thieves target special needs facility, silver shop

At Full Life, an adult day health center, workers are dedicated to improving lives and helping those with disabilities but thieves forced their way inside and took some of the most precious items the clients depend on.

"It's not easy to explain," said Case Manager Iesha Gizaw. "I tried my best to (explain to) an elderly woman this morning. She has dementia and I was telling her - she likes to do the dancing for the closing activity or the singing and I said 'We can't do that. It was stolen.'"

The burglary happened sometime during the Memorial Day weekend - it marks the second break-in in less than a month.

In the latest case, electronics were among the stolen items -- a karaoke machine, Wii and Xbox. Many of the stolen items were donated and the organization can't afford to replace them.

"I know the Wii and Xbox doesn't seem like a big deal but we focus our groups around these activities," said Gizaw. "I go out and specifically look when I'm purchasing games - 'Oh, will this game work with our clients? Will they be able to coordinate to Wii bowl or do dancing?'"

The burglars, who broke in by forcing entry in a back door, also took medication, a tool box, donated cash and loads of items from the kitchen.

"They took food - four trays of lasagna, lunch meat, cheese," said Gizaw. They also took sponges, bleach, laundry detergent -- even oven mitts.

Despite the loss at Full Life, Kent Police said the case is closed because they didn't find any evidence and there are no leads. However, a few doors away at the Silver Superstore detectives found fingerprints on some of the items left behind after another weekend burglary.

"The alarm went off. They came in here, took what they could very quickly and left," said owner Sandy Bourbonnais.

Thieves took silverware, baby heirlooms and a University of Louisville flask from the shop.

The break-in at Silver Superstore happened around 4:30 Tuesday morning but Kent Police do not know if the burglary is connected to the Full Life incident.

If you'd like to help Full LIfe replace some of the stolen items, you can make a donation through our Problem Solvers fund.