Thieves steal wheelchair ramp from disabled senior

A Northeast Portland woman is trapped in her house after her wheelchair ramp is ripped off.

"It was aluminum with red trim on the railing," Norma Cakebread said.

Norma Cakebread is 73 years old. She and her adult son are both disabled. They are living off Social Security payments and generosity from Meals on Wheels.

Cakebread and her son need the ramp to get in and out of their home. She contacted police when it was stolen from her porch Sunday night. Meals on Wheels emailed KATU about the theft.

"I didn't hear anything. So they must have lifted it," Cakebread said.

Cakebread said the ramp was a gift and is valued at $400. She does not have the money to replace it and says there will be no questions asked if someone does return it.

"Please bring it back. I need it. You don't know how tied down I am. I worry if there is an emergency or something. How would I get out of here?" Cakebread said.