Thieves steal local Boy Scout troop's camping gear

PUYALLUP, Wash. - Members of a local Boy Scout troop are incredulous and frustrated after thieves stole hundreds of dollars worth of camping equipment from them.

Missing are backpacks, tools, ropes and a lot more after someone broke into Troop 503's storage shed in the parking lot of Pilgrim Church of Puyallup.

"This is what's left of our deadbolt - you can see where they pried it open," says troop leader Chris Gill. "We had coolers and water coolers in here for the boys that are all gone. Five camp stoves are gone ..."

The thieves also took several tents. Each one had the troop number proudly stenciled on the side.

It all really hit Blake Secrest and his 39 fellow scouts pretty hard.

"Why would someone be mad at a troop when we do community service?" he says. "You know - it's a Boy Scout troop."

The scouts don't know who did it, and the church doesn't have surveillance cameras. Parents are frustrated, too, after the kids held fund-raiser after fund-raiser to get enough money to buy the gear.

"They're the ones that spent all the time and the effort on everything, trying to make the money to buy nice equipment," says frustrated parent Tim Greminger.

Now there are empty shelves, empty feelings and this message from Troop 503: "If you stole our stuff - do the right thing, just give it back."

The troop is trying to piece together equipment for a camping trip in two weeks. So far, investigators don't have any leads.