Thieves steal from a baby in Lakewood burglary

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- To say a Lakewood family has had a bad stretch of luck of late might be a bit of an understatement.

A little over a month ago, Troy Frantz was laid off from his job after 12 years of working there. Then, his then-pregnant girlfriend's car was totaled after getting rear-end.

And now, the latest: Their storage unit was burglarized.

"It hurt a lot worse, when I found out they took the baby's stuff too," said Lori-Lee Litman. "Because when you steal from a baby, it's just -- there's some sad individuals out there."

A brand new high chair and other stuff for their newborn was stolen, along with items for their annual charity event to benefit a local food bank.

"I just want the people caught," Litman said.

All total, thieves stole about $2,000 worth of stuff from the Lakewood storage unit.

"(They) apparently they used a sledge hammer or something to bust (the lock) off there," Frantz said.

But if bad things happen to good people, then sometimes, good people are able make a choice.

"I'm not going to get these guys get us down," Frantz said.

So hopefully now, some good news comes their way. Frantz was just able to find a job at an auto mechanics shop this week, and their baby -- since born healthy-- wasn't affected by the accident.

"He didn't get hurt at all in the accident, thank goodness," Litman said.

So they're hoping for the good news hat trick and hear the crooks have been captured.

If you know anything about the burglary, you're asked to call the Lakewood Police Department.