Thieves steal cache of weapons from Puyallup Green Beret

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Police are on the hunt for the brazen thieves who ransacked a Puyallup Green Beret's home while he was deployed overseas.

The burglars kicked in the front door, opened the garage and made off with a large cache of powerful guns and ammunition. They stole a number of rifles, pistols and shotguns, as well as various other weapons and body armor.

The homeowner, a member of the United States Army Special Forces, also lost a knife that had great sentimental value to him.

"A Yarborough knife is a knife you get when you pass a course to become a Green Beret," he said.

The crooks also stole the man's credit cards, and surveillance video captured a group of people using them. Police posted that videos online in hopes of getting a tip on the crime.

Police have seized one of the stolen guns from a convicted felon, but the rest are still missing.

"It's being sold hand to hand, street transactions, Craigslist, that sort of thing," said Det. Michael Lusk of the Puyallup Police Department.

The criminal impact of adding so many deadly weapons to the streets if far reaching, and the homeowner's personal loss is profound.

"It's unreplaceable," he said.