Thieves prey on SPU grad: 'I'm speechless when I think about it'

SEATTLE -- A recent Seattle Pacific University graduate lost his car and everything inside just hours before he planned to head home to Oregon.

Matt Schueller said he parked his 1997 white Subaru Legacy between a caf and a church along 15th Avenue West in Seattle on Tuesday afternoon, then went inside the caf to visit some friends. He said his car doors were locked, the windows were rolled up, and he even came out at one point to grab his laptop. But when he went to leave, his car was gone.

Schueller had just graduated from SPU this past weekend, and he was still mourning the loss of classmate Paul Lee, who was shot and killed by a gunman earlier this month.

Schueller said he got a fraud alert from his bank on Tuesday night then decided to stop by the four businesses that the thieves used to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of charges on his debit account. One of the businesses even provided him with some surveillance footage of the alleged car thieves in action. They have not been positively identified by police.

"I'm speechless when I think about it. I'm having a hard time imagining and picturing like 'Why would you do something like this to someone?'" Schueller said.

Schueller is a video blogger. Tens of thousands of people subscribe to his YouTube page and follow him on Twitter.

Schueller said all of his video equipment was inside his car, so he's wondering how he's going to do his next project. He hopes that by using his followers to spread the word about what happened that he'll eventually get some or all of his stuff back.

Schueller did make it back to his home in Oregon Thursday on a bus and with the help of friends, he said.

If you know anything about what happened to his car, call Seattle Police.