Thieves once again target Silverdale Boy Scout troop

SILVERDALE, Wash. -- A Silverdale Boy Scout troop and members of a VFW are reeling after a recent robbery, and it's not the first time they've been targeted.

When troop 1539 got back to the VFW hall after a camping trip in the Olympics, the scouts were upset to learn that thieves had raided the building.

"It's just very frustrating," said scoutmaster Tom Bougan. "These are a bunch of World War II vets and young boys. Why would you take from them?"

The burglars busted in the back door, taking what they wanted and leaving an expensive repair job.

"It's kind of demoralizing because it made me feel violated. It's kind of like if somebody robbed you at home, how would you feel?" Bougan said.

It's not the first time the building, which hosts both the VFW and the Boy Scouts, has been hit. It's not the second, or third, or fourth time the place has been targeted. Thieves have broken into the building a staggering five times in just the past year.

Other times the robbers broke into the storage shed and broke fuel lines to seal gas from the lawn mowers. They took lawn equipment, which hit the scouts especially hard because caring for the lawn is how the troop pays its rent to the VFW.

In the most recent break-in, the thieves made off with a number of axes.

"I'm like, you know those are like $60 to $70 each? So five of them, that's $300 worth of stuff we don't have anymore," Bougan said.

VFW officials say they're exploring the idea of installing a security system with cameras throughout the entire property.

All the stolen items say "troop 1539" on them. Anyone who spots the gear is asked to call the police.