Thief steals wallet from baby's lap in South Seattle

SEATTLE -- In what could possibly be a new low for crime, somebody robbed a baby last Friday evening in South Seattle.

A mother placed her wallet on her baby's lap While attempting to transfer the baby and its car seat from her car to her stroller in a parking lot in the 3800 block of Rainier Avenue South.

Just as she got the baby and car seat out of the car, someone pushed her from behind, knocking her and the baby to the ground, according to the Seattle Police Department report for the incident.

According to the report, someone then reached around the mother and grabbed her wallet from the crying baby's car seat before running off.

The mother told officers she didn't look to see who took the wallet because she was too busy making sure her baby was OK.

She ended up taking the baby to the hospital in Edmonds. And while neither she nor her baby were injured, the mother didn't have time to report the robbery until the following day.