'There was a lot of blood': 2 killed in East Vancouver shooting

KATU photo

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Two men were shot and killed Sunday evening in an East Vancouver neighborhood.

The reports of gunfire came in about 5:15 p.m. on NE 140th Avenue near NE 15th Street. Arriving officers found two men deceased at a home.

Ben Woodke lives near where the shooting happened. He heard a series of gunshots, "it was just bang, bang, and then a (pause) and then another couple more after that."

Woodke says he told his wife to call 911, and then rushed outside to see exactly what happened. He saw a woman running from the scene who said she didn't know what happened. He then glanced through a fence and saw one man dead, bloody from what appeared to be a gunshot to his torso.

"The second guy that wasn't dead yet, he was shot - it looked like in the head," Woodke said. "There was a lot of blood, he was kind of laying on his face, struggling to breathe."

Woodke says he saw a silver car fleeing from the scene.

No word on whether police have any information on a shooting suspect.

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