Tenino mayor blames news coverage for son's beating

TENINO, Wash. -- The mayor of Tenino says his teenage son was brutally beaten while at school on Monday, and he says it all has to do with a controversial news story.

Mayor Eric Strawn {A href=""}made headlines throughout the region in September after he was caught performing what some witnesses called "lewd acts" with a woman in a city owned car.

Strawn said his 15-year-old son, Gavin, has been harassed and bullied at school ever since those reports came out. He said Gavin was attacked at school on Monday and had his two front teeth knocked out.

Gavin, who's a freshman, went to the emergency room at noon after a fellow Tenino High School student smashed the boy's face into a wall three times, Strawn said.

The worst part, according to Strawn, is that this wasn't the first time Gavin has been bullied. Fellow students have been making derogatory remarks and threatening him since since late September, when Strawn was caught sharing what he called an "intimate moment" with a female friend while parked outside of a Lacey fitness club.

Worried the story would adversely affect his son, Strawn said he met with Tenino high's principal and a counselor a day or two after the incident and asked them to keep an eye on Gavin. He also said he addressed the school board and superintendent in late September and was told the issue would be handled.

Strawn said school administrators have yet to hand down a punishment for the boy who allegedly assaulted Gavin.