Teens are leaving Facebook for other social networking sites

SEATTLE -- One the most popular social media websites on the Internet says its daily members are declining.

According to Facebook, it is specific generation of users: teenagers.

Techy teens aren't spending less time online, but they are taking their social networking to other places.

"They're fleeing," said Travis Mayfield, social media director at KOMO News. "They don't think it's cool to be where mom and dad are."

It's true. A lot of parents and grandparents are active users on Facebook, so teens are signing on to sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler and AskFm to distance themselves from their parents. Research shows parents are not yet active users on those networks.

"I don't feel comfortable having her know that I swear," said teen Kaitlynn Heap about her mother.

The 16-year old said she uses Facebook and Tumbler, sites where her mother is not a member.

Mayfield suggests parents be aware of what social media websites their kids are using.

"It really starts with questions and talking to your kids about what they are doing and who their talking with," he said.

Joining these social networks and learning how to use them is the best tool for tracking kids online.