Teen who killed father given 3.5 year juvenile detention sentence

TUMWATER, Wash. -- A Thurston County teenager accused of killing his father pleaded guilty to manslaughter Thursday.

Prosecutors say the then-13 year old shot Jimmy Asher Jr. to death last October while Asher was asleep. The man's girlfriend, who was asleep next to him with earplugs in, woke up to find him dead and covered in blood about 40 minutes later and called 911 in a panic.

The boy had claimed to the shooting was an accident, police said. But prosecutors said there was mounting evidence the shooting was intentional, including autopsy results showing that the father was shot at close range and there were other signs of premeditation.

After accepting the plea, a judge sentenced the boy to juvenile detention for three and a half years, but he could stay locked up until he's 21, depending on how he responds to treatment.