Teen in school bus crash says he received no medical attention

ORTING, Wash. -- The family of an Orting middle school student is furious their son was injured in a school bus crash Monday and wasn't treated at the scene.

Original reports said none of the 26 students was hurt, but 13-year-old Bradley Schonauer still hasn't returned to school because of a concussion and other injuries.

"I was looking down texting my friend, listening to music, and (then) I heard screaming," Schonauer said.

Schonauer and 25 classmates suddenly found themselves in a water-filled ditch between Orting and South Prairie.

"I think I smacked my head on the window and my ribs started hurting and stuff and I just blacked out," he said.

Schonauer said other students roused him and they all safely evacuated to another bus. Darcy Davis, Bradley's aunt, was coming the other direction and actually saw the crash.

"I saw the bus slide and go off the road and tilt," Davis said.

She didn't know her nephew was on that bus until he called his family from his cell phone.

"They said all of the kids were okay, but he says he hit his head," Davis said at the crash scene on Monday.

Schonauer said paramedics checked the kids, but he was passed over.

"And I was, like, standing there and raising my hand and they never told me anything. I don't think they saw me. I was right in front of the line, too," he said.

Orting school superintendent Michelle Curry said first responders checked out all of the kids and made sure they were okay. She said the kids were checked at the scene and checked again at school district headquarters.

"We're not going to release kids if they're hurt and every single child was asked," she said.

Schonauer said he wasn't checked and wasn't asked if he needed help.

"You know how they're supposed to flash a light in your eyes if you have a concussion? They didn't do that," he said.

Schonauer parents took him to St. Elizabeth Hospital to be checked at and said they were told he'd suffered a mild concussion and bruised ribs.

"It was just gut-wrenching, any parent's nightmare," said Schonauer's dad, Allen.

Schonauer said he's still in pain days after the crash.

"My head has been hurting and up here has been hurting a lot and my back right here hurts a lot," he said.

While she's confident all the children were checked out, Curry said she will work with the Schonauer family to get to the bottom of what happened.

"Now, if the family ended up in the hospital and we had missed something or the first responders missed something, of course the district will talk with the family and take care of whatever needs," she said.

The family says the district hasn't made that call and, in fact, they claim the district never notified them even at the time of the crash. They only way they knew what was happening is through their son's cell phone calls. The superintendent said she's looking into that.

As for the cause the substitute bus driver said she was swatting at a bee that had flown in. The district is looking at the video that was recorded from an on-board camera.