Teen: I was kicked out of Christian school for being gay

BREMERTON, Wash. -- A teenage girl claims she was kicked out of her private Christian school after coming out as gay.

Megan Staker attended Bremerton's Crosspoint Academy for three years. The 17-year-old expressed her support for gay rights several times, but never revealed that she is gay.

There will be no fourth year at the school for Staker, and that's because the school told her she's no longer welcome, the teen said.

A week before the school year started, Staker typed a Facebook post that would profoundly change her life.

"I can't hide anymore, so here it is: I'm a lesbian," she wrote.

Within an hour of the post, the principal of Crosspoint Academy called to say he had received several phone calls from angry parents who had seen the Facebook post, and Staker said she was told she could no longer attend the school.

"I was angry. But my initial reaction was surprise and disappointment," she said.

When Staker's mother, who happens to be a teacher at the school, spoke with another administrator the next day, he allegedly said Staker was being asked to leave because of "behavior problems," not because she's a lesbian.

The family decided to withdraw Staker from the school based on what they view as clear discrimination.

"I believe it was because I came out as a lesbian," Staker said.

Asked if the school has a policy against allowing gay and lesbian students or staff, Crosspoint principal Nick Sweeny said, "I don't believe we have a policy on that yet."

Staker said she's only gotten positive responses from her friends since coming out, and she wishes the parents who complained were more open minded.

"I just wish that the parents there had thought about what they were doing and realized that maybe having their children exposed to someone like me isn't as horrible as they thought it was," she said.

Staker said she doesn't regret coming out and is now enrolled at a non-Christian private school. Her mother also resigned from Crosspoint and is now teaching elsewhere.
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