Teen girl claims sexual abuse by Marine Corps recruiter

BOTHELL, Wash. - A Bothell teenager just wanted to make the cut, but says she had to perform sexual favors for a shot at the Marine Corps.

Even speaking anonymously, a source familiar with the situation finds it hard to recount what allegedly happened to a 17-year-old girl whose dream was to join the Marines.

The girl seemed to go off-track her senior year, suddenly missing classes, and only when confronted did she tell her troubles.

"She burst into tears and revealed to us that she had been sexually abused by her recruiter," an anonymous source said.

The 17-year-old says the alleged advances were unwelcome, but was too afraid to stop them at the time.

The recruiter works out of the Bellevue office, and the 17-year-old says he forced her into sexual situations late last year while they were alone on at least three occasions.

"She thought if she didn't it would hurt her chances of getting into the Marine Corps," King County Sheriff's Detective Jason Stanley said.

The victim told detectives the Marine Corps initially suspended the recruiter, but Marine Corps spokesman Staff Sgt. Zachary Dyer said, "The investigating officer could not substantiate that the Marine in question committed any misconduct, and recommended the matter be closed."

Detectives also struggled to prove a crime occurred, but have since reopened the case to look at whether the recruiter used his supervisory role to force any sexual advances.

Initially the recruiter agreed to take a polygraph test, but has since declined. For now, the recruiter is back on the job.