Teacher uses Heimlich on choking student, 6

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. (AP) - When the red-faced 6-year-old approached kindergarten teacher Toni Brammer as the rest of her southwest Washington class munched on fruit snacks, she says he was trying to talk but could only grunt.

Brammer says she asked the terrified child if he was choking and he nodded yes. So she spun him around and performed a Heimlich maneuver. Out popped the fruit snack.

The Columbian reports that Hunter Schofield's mother, Jennafer Schofield, calls the teacher "Hunter's guardian angel" for her quick action Wednesday at Captain Strong Primary school in Battle Ground, Wash.

Hunter was checked out by a school nurse.

On Thursday, Hunter says he brought his teacher a present - "an angel and some flowers."

Brammer says she had never before used the emergency technique to dislodge an object stuck in the windpipe but practiced it in a CPR class at school a few years ago.