Talking Elmo says 'kill James'

LITHIA, Fla. - When you give your kids a talking Elmo doll, you don't expect the toy to issue death threats but that's what happened when a mother in Florida changed the batteries.

The offending toy is the 'Elmo Knows Your Name' doll that you plug into your computer so it will repeat your child's name.

In this case, the child's name was James and once the batteries were switched, the doll began saying "Kill James."

"It's not the kind of thing you'd expect out of a toy," said Melissa Bowman, the boy's mother. "I was kind of distraught."

Even worse, her boy began repeating the phrase.

Fisher Price makes the doll and officials said the company will issue a voucher to replace it. The company is also examining the toy to figure out how this happened and whether other Elmo dolls have the same problem.