Tacoma street gets new safety measures 1 year after trick-or-treater hit by car

Tacoma street gets new safety measures 1 year after trick-or-treater hit by car. (KOMO News)

TACOMA, Wash. -- A busy street in Tacoma has undergone some serious safety improvements in the wake of last year's accident involving a trick-or-treater.

Max Wilson was trying to enjoy Halloween in his own neighborhood when he was hit by an SUV last year.

The seven-year-old was hit by a drunk driver when he crossed North I Street in Tacoma while trick-or-treating with his dad and friends. Wilson was transferred to a hospital with serious injuries and survived the accident.

"At that speed and that type of impact, I mean it's really a miracle," Wilson's mother Marie Wilson said.

Tacoma deputy mayor Robert Thoms said he knew people were driving too fast when the accident happened, so Thoms set out to slow drivers down.

One of the main concerns was safety during school hours. New beacons have been installed to let drivers know it is 20 miles per hour in the school zone.

In the block outside the school zone, there's an effort to keep cars from parking too close to the intersections to help people like Wilson better see approaching cars. New 10-foot set backs are being painted red making it off limits.

Thoms said if these measures don't slow people down, he'll ask for school zone cameras to be installed.

"Because there's nothing more important than making sure kids are safe," Thoms said.

Wilson's mom appreciates the efforts, but said she believes crosswalks are desperately needed.

"At some point, cars stopped stopping for pedestrian and you really cannot cross when there is any traffic," Marie Wilson said.

Thoms said the crosswalks are in planning.

Marie Wilson said she hopes what happened to her family will be a reason for everyone to slow down on Halloween night.

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