Tacoma man accused of molesting developmentally-disabled girl

TACOMA, Wash. -- A developmentally-disabled teenaged girl claims a man enticed her to his apartment, then held her there for hours and molested her.

The attack happened right across the street from the Pierce County Jail at the St. James Apartments.

The 15-year-old developmentally disabled girl told police she was hanging out at a bus stop when Michael H. Bond invited her up to his apartment for alcohol and marijuana.

She said she agreed only to find that she was soon held against her will as Bond molested her. Four hours later she got away and called police.

Sarah Embree said she used to live right next door to the third floor apartment where this is reported to have happened and believes the girl got hurt.

"My husband was just telling that she was sitting at the fire truck getting stitched up, her head," Embree said.

Charging papers say Bond claims the girl appeared lost and he was just trying to help her. And he denies anything bad happened in his apartment.

Bond has been charged with child molestation, unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest -- the latter charge stemming from Bond's refusal to comply with police officers' orders when they went to his apartment, prosecutors said.

In court Tuesday, Bond pleaded not guilty and was ordered held on $100,000 bail.
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