Tacoma blogger has 'positive' stories of murder

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Tacoma writer says it's time to focus on the murder victims instead of the suspects. Jack Cameron is the author of Tacoma Stories, a blog that has comments only from people who knew the victim.

"The site is called Tacoma Stories because each of these people were part of Tacoma and they should be remembered," Cameron said.

He said the suspects get more than enough news coverage, and we wanted to create a website just for victims and those who knew them.

"His purpose to spread God's word and let his light shine through every time he expressed love, showed love and gave love," murder victim Jalon Bea's mother, Jackie, wrote about her son.

And so it goes with every murder in Tacoma. Cameron started his blog after going through all of the murders in on Tacoma's Hilltop in the early 90s to say that "Tacoma is no longer like that."

"I said, 'You know, there's really not that many homicides. I bet I could write about every single homicide that happens in Tacoma and I wouldn't be all that busy.'" he said.

Many families tell him it helps.

"I had joked with one of my friends that my website actually has a body count. But it's also something that seems to help people," Cameron said.

Cameron started his blog in 2006 and stopped for a year before a victim's family member urged him to continue.