Tacoma 8-plex movie theater set to close

TACOMA, Wash. -- The latest movie releases may not be coming soon to a theater near you, if you're in the South Sound. A Tacoma 8-plex movie theater is closing for good on Thursday, but that may mean a box office boom for independent movie houses nearby.

The Hitchcock family says the $4 ticket keeps them coming back to Tacoma's Blue Mouse Theater for their date night. In contrast: a ticket at the Galaxy Tacoma Narrows Theater may be twice as much.

A source tells KOMO News the Galaxy Theater is closing, even after the theater just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in digital projector upgrades. There just wasn't enough business -- on one showing this week there was barely 10 people in the theater.

The theater gave out free movie vouchers to customers, but they ran out and they have to be used before Thursday's last showing.

The managers at Tacoma's other independent theatre are in the process of upgrading. In addition to lower prices, they'll soon have digital movies.

"I've been coming here since I was a little kid so for me its nostalgic," said one movie patron.

But that's something else money can't buy.