SWAT teams corner shooting suspect to end hours-long manhunt

SEATTLE - A manhunt that lasted for hours ended peacefully in the Boulevard Park area Friday afternoon, but not before SWAT teams turned a sleepy hillside neighborhood into a barricade of flashing lights and loudspeakers.

"When you see the rifles come out, you know something big's going on," said neighbor Peggy Chapman.

The King County Sheriff's Office said it had been searching for the 17-year-old suspect since the early afternoon. They believed he shot at a car and escaped.

Deputies were told this was connected to a burglary from over a year ago, when today the suspect spotted his victim from that crime

No one was injured.

Police say the suspect escaped and eventually they found him holed-up at an apartment complex at 10625 22nd Place South.

Felipe Roman and his family live in the unit right above the unit where the man was hiding. "We heard screaming," he said.

Roman said police evacuated people from the complex while they tried to negotiate using loudspeakers. No immediate response was made, but officials say they located the suspect within an apartment.

Eventually he gave up and came out peacefully.

The King County Sheriff's office said they were attempting to get a search warrant in order to find the suspect's weapon inside the apartment, and potentially connect him to the car shooting.