Suspected robber loves Jesus, likes girls, needs beer advice

EDGEWOOD, Wash. -- A gun-toting, Jesus-loving woman walked into an Edgewood 7-Eleven Sunday to rob the place -- and maybe get a beer recommendation or two while she was at it, according to charges filed Tuesday with Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, 34-year-old Enjoli Norde entered the convenience store around 11:45 p.m. and fixed herself a cup of coffee. Norde then reportedly smiled at the clerk and asked, "Do you love Jesus?"

Pulling a pistol out of her waistband and pointing it at the clerk's head, Norde continued, "You better love Jesus because you're gonna die; open up your drawer," according to the charging documents.

As the clerk was handing over $150, Norde said she didn't mind going to jail, reportedly telling the clerk, "I like girls, but if you call on me I'll come back and kill you."

Norde then left the 7-Eleven and ran through the parking lot.

According to the charging documents, Norde returned to the store a short time later and, holding the clerk at gunpoint again, asked him what his favorite beer was. After getting his answer, Norde reportedly grabbed a 6-pack of that beer and demanded a case of Newports.

Norde had the clerk go stand in the store's hallway while she filled her backpack with cigarettes, according to the charging documents. Two customers came in while she was doing so, and she told them various stories to get them to go away.

Before leaving for the second time, Norde reportedly left a few bottles of the clerk's favorite beer behind and tossed $15 at him, saying, "Something for you."

According to the charging documents, Norde then went to the apartment of her mother and grandmother and threatened to shoot them if they didn't give her prescription pills.

They later told officers they recognized Norde's gun as a pellet gun, but they believed she would hurt them as she has threatened to kill them with knives in the past. They also said Norde has admitted to using meth in the past.

Officers picked Norde up near Enchanted Parkway. According to the charging documents, she had a pellet gun, cartons of cigarettes and cash (likely from 7-Eleven) on her at the time of her arrest.

Norde was reportedly screaming and acting inappropriate during her arrest.

"One officer notes she asks him if he believes in Jesus and that she loves the Lord," according to the charging documents. "This was in between screaming fits of rage."

Norde was charged with robbery and harassment.